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Airfreight Transportation

In case of urgent delivery, the air transportation is demanded. The urgent delivery is relevant in several cases:

  • Delivery of medical supplies;
  • Delivery of perishable goods;
  • Delivery of high-value goods;
  • Urgent delivery.

Airfreight services have been always regarded as one of most expensive type of shipping. However, lately the fare for airfreight services has been considerably lessened.

 TC EuroLogistic Company provides airfreight services across Russia, CIS countries and the whole world, including all related services.

The transportation can be done both by passenger and freight aircrafts. If it is important for the cargo, the required temperature conditions can be set. We can ship out-of-gauge and heavy-lift cargo.

Door-to-door scheme is most suitable for a customer in this case. We pick up the cargo from the consignor, transport it to the airport, get it aboard, unload it at the airport of destination and transport it to the consignee. This approach helps to save time finding vehicle for transportation to the airport. It is also important that in this case we are responsible for quality and time terms of delivery from beginning to end.

We also provide express-deliveries. In this case, the transportation takes 24 hours.