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Trucking Freight Transportation

The advantage of trucking freight transportation is the speed and broad geography of delivery. In short distances trucking allows considerably lessen the time of delivery in compare with rail freight transportation. Moreover, the trucking transportation is possible to any populated place if it has a road. Another advantage of trucking freight transportation is door-to-door delivery without transshipment.

TC EuroLogistic Company provides the following trucking services:

1.      Moscow and Moscow region

TC EuroLogistic Company provides all types of trucking across Moscow and Moscow region. We will transport cargo to any place in Moscow and Moscow region safely, accurately and quickly. For trucking across Moscow and Moscow region, we can offer you:

  • GAZelle (incl. prolonged one), ZIL-5301 "Bychok" ("Bull");
  • Five and ten ton trucks, including trucks with tail lift and side loading;
  • Road-trains (100–120 m3), eighteen-wheelers;
  • Flatbed trucks, cranes, special equipment.

We provide trucks with permits to the city center for the transportation across Moscow (incl. heavy trucks).

The truck for transportation will be arranged at any time suitable for a customer. The driver can also perform functions of freight forwarder. We can also provide freight handlers with the truck on the customer’s demand.

We transport freight within the established time limit, process all necessary documents, and provide the information about freight traffic.

2.      Russia

TC EuroLogistic Company mainly specializes in freight transportation across Russia. We transport freight to any place in Russia from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We provide modern transport vehicles to all customers (till 120 m3) with capacity of 1.5–30 tons. We are ready to transport freight safely, accurately and quickly to any place in the country.

3.      Out-of-Gauge Cargo Delivery

TC EuroLogistic Company transports out-of-gauge freight. There are several stages in the out-of-gauge cargo delivery:

  • Preparing of freight forwarding documentation, certificates and opinion letters (as regular freight documentation is not permitted for out-of-gauge cargo delivery).
  • Smart planning of the delivery route, as it is very important to transport the freight to the destination point in in apparent good order and condition.
  • Selection of special vehicles that meet requirements for the out-of-gauge cargo delivery.